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Moisture Meter

Efficiently calculates and displays GPP, specific humidity and temperature readings, dewpoint and more to help our technicians gather daily readings, analize moisture content, and identifie "hot spots"

We use this tool to help map the migration of water in carpet and pad. Sensitive nickel-plated points alert you to moisture content above 17%. 
Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer®

This new lower amp, three-speed airmover offers everything we need for performance and versatility.
Ace TurboDryer® 
Six ways to dry

The Ace offers seven different positions to help  tackle the most difficult drying challenges and offers the most CFM per circuit of any airmover on the market.
Jet CXV TurboDryer®

Aerodynamically designed for the highest velocity airflow at 3200 CFM – the Jet's built-in angles maximize laminar airflow along the floor. Its focused vanes channel extra velocity in all the right places and the unit's molded design offsets from the wall for optimizing the fastest wall and floor drying. 

Evolution® LGR 
Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier 

The Evolution packs state-of-the-art low grain refrigerant (LGR) technology into a compact design. 
DrizAir® 1200 
The Classic Refrigerant Dehumidifier

The DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier has all the convenient features of its larger cousins in a compact and extremely portable size.
DrizAir® LGR 2000 
Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Remove a lot of water and move less machine. Drawing on 20 years of design experience, Dri-Eaz utilized low grain refrigerant technology to pack more drying power into a convenient portable unit.
At ServiceMaster Restoration of  First Coast we utilize the latest in drying technology. Our goal is to return your home or business back to normal as fast as possible with minimum interruption. Below are a few examples of the equipment our technicians might be using.

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