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Why Plan Ahead?
"Disasters happen”…. and when they do, they are potentially enormous risks to structures and their
contents. Many of the losses inflicted on physical structures and their contents can be avoided. Formulating a disaster plan and taking the necessary preventative measures may mitigate the destructive effects in the event of a catastrophe. Given the inevitability of natural disasters, prevention goes a long way toward protecting lives, saving buildings and redeeming the billions of dollars spent on repairs. There is no doubt that planning ahead can save both lives and property.

There are two common denominators that apply to the philosophy of disaster planning. 

1) No one thought it could or would ever happen to them. 
2) Those who planned were repaid countless times over. How? By saving lives, property and in many 
    cases their business.

The goals of a business continuity plan or contingency plan include, but are not limited to the following:

• Minimize interruptions to business operations
• Limit the severity of the disruption
• Establish alternative means of operation
• Resume critical operations within a specified time after a disaster
• Expedite the restoration of services
• Assure customers that their interests are protected
• Maintain a positive image of the organization
• Minimize financial loss
• Train personnel and familiarize them with emergency operations
• Establish awareness

Why 866 RECOVER?
866 RECOVER provides a nationwide single source solution for disaster restoration and reconstruction services. We have one of the fastest local on-site emergency response times in the industry, available 24/7/365.

The 866-RECOVER preferred customer program will get you back in business when you need it most and offers you:

  •  Comprehensive services including free 
           pre-loss contingency planning assistance
  •  Emergency loss mitigation response
  •  Post-loss clean-up and reconstruction
  •  Expert services in emergency mitigation

Part of any strong business plan is preparing for emergencies and natural disasters. At ServiceMaster Restoratiion of First Coast, we know that lost time in your business is lost revenue and could potentially lead to lost customers. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with 866 RECOVER, a program that minimizes business and financial disruptions in the event of property damage or loss. 
Sign-Up for 866RECOVER
It's FREE! Be prepared and register your business with 866 RECOVER for free today. Once a member of 886 RECOVER you will recieve our Contingency Planning Guide compliments of ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast.  This 27 page booklet is specialy design to coordinate your company planning, execution, and recovery efforts. Special attention is given to some of the most overlooked areas of preplanning such as Business Impact Analysis and a Potential Claims Items List. 
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